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Social networking with LMS and MOOC functionality

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CourseNetworking (CN) offers cloud based, next generation online learning management and delivery services based on social networking. We serve universities, K-12 institutions, corporations and organizations. CN is designed to complement existing learning management systems (LMS) such as Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard, Canvas, etc., or to be used as a full-scale LMS and Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) provider, operating on a worldwide, academic social networking platform. Membership and course hosting is free to all individual members throughout the world. Optional paid service agreements to schools, corporations and other organizations are available for a subscription to a private CN Channel which includes additional paid features.

The CN is built to make teaching and learning easy and engaging. Within minutes, an instructor can create a course site and invite students to join. Students will be automatically paired with global classmates who are studying the same or similar subjects to enable cross country or institution learning. With CN’s translation tool, global classmates can communicate with each other instantaneously. The CN also has mobile apps available for iPhone and Android devices, allowing users to take their courses wherever they go.

Key Functionalities of the CN:

LMS – Learning management features on the CN include course sites, gradebook, dropbox, calendar, image and video embedding, quizzes, polls, course rosters, and a task tool uniquely offered on CN.

MOOC – Create self-paced or for-credit courses using the task tool, posts and polls, and CN’s ClassCast – our very own one-way video conferencing tool equipped with a video feed of the ClassCast creator, live chats, file display, recording and interactive online learning features.

Social – Be able to connect and engage in social learning with other students studying similar subject throughout the world using tools such as posts, polls (survey), follow, and colleague uniquely available in CN.

Global learning – Get connected to Global Classmates through the CN’s Global Classroom, which pairs users interested in learning and discussing shared interests. The translate tool allows users to easily communicate with one another in different languages.

Rewards – Engage students in continuous learning through our carefully designed Anar (pomegranate) Seed reward system. By posting an article or reflecting on a video, you can earn points through the Anar Seed reward system. Instructors can easily define the point system and integrate it as a percentage of final grades.

Mobile – Learning is for everyone, anywhere in the world. Continue to learn, communicate and participate in and out of classroom through our iPhone and Android mobile applications.

Accessibility – A goal of the CN is to be the most continuously evolving and innovative learning technology platform and be globally accessible to anyone. In lieu of this, CN is committed to developing tools and interfaces that are accessible to the greatest number of potential users, including individuals with disabilities.

CN Channel – A private channel for paid institutions with access to additional features such as a Campus Billboard and announcement, advertizing, full administrative access and control, system integration, social and course analytics and customization.

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  • Susan West
    January 17, 2016 at 7:03 am

    Great new approach to learning management systems! Intuitive interface and the Anar Seed system is a great way to measure student engagement and activity.

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