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A Next Generation Learning Management System

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Adrenna provides a dynamic enterprise learning platform, AdrennaLearn, unique in its ability to serve academic and non-academic organizations, including colleges, K-12 schools, corporate training departments, and any other type of organization that provides training. Additionally, Adrenna is among a very few, if any, LMS providers that offer both a platform and immersive eLearning content solutions.

Adrenna delivers “value innovation” to the industry by simultaneously pursuing platform differentiation and providing AdrennaLearn at a significantly lower cost than leading competitors.

With its “education as media” strategic vision, Adrenna is prepared to capitalize on the seismic transformation the education and training industries are undergoing, a transformation likely to accelerate rapidly in the next few years. The entire delivery and consumption model for online education and training as we know it will change dramatically, not unlike the content distribution revolution occurring in the entertainment industry today.

Categorically, the company competes in the LMS industry, but in a larger sense, Adrenna is executing a “value innovation” approach not seen in the LMS market before by simultaneously differentiating the platform and offering a lower price than legacy competitors.

AdrennaLearn addresses the functional requirements of two discrete markets:

Academic eLearning
Corporate and Professional Training – AdrennaLearn provides capabilities to deliver and manage all three primary eLearning modalities: instructor-led training (ILT), self-paced, and virtual sessions that enable organizations to deliver “blended” programs. Organizations can use AdrennaLearn’s themes and branding options to create the type of user experience that best matches their organizational personality.

Adrenna’s new class of enterprise eLearning technologies–combining capabilities from both markets and leveraging industry standards–increases ROI and opens up massive growth and disruption possibilities in the global eLearning markets.

eLearning Services
Adrenna’s teams of highly skilled instructional designers (ISD), graphics artists, animators, and programmers work in tandem with client subject matter experts (SME) to create engaging and interactive eLearning courses with production standards one would expect to see from a movie or TV production company. Additionally, Adrenna offers eLearning strategic planning, curriculum/program development and repurposing, and 3rd party content integration.

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