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Brainly is the world’s largest social learning community bringing middle school and high school students together to make learning outside the classroom highly engaging, effective and rewarding. Students connect to their peers to help strengthen their skills, from math, to science, to history and beyond.

Founded in 2009, Brainly is one of the most promising and fastest growing [...]

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FlipgridTM is simple.

Create grids of questions or topics using text or video and share your questions with whomever you like. Your audience then responds with recorded videos. Flipgrid boosts community and collaboration in classrooms, corporations, and at conferences around the world.

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The next generation learning management system has arrived. Chalkup includes all the tools you need to easily manage your classroom, or your courseload, smarter. Chalkup keeps classes connected, organized, and equipped to learn more.

We think that collaboration is where learning really takes off. That’s why we made a learning management system that actually connects classes, making [...]

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Skype Classroom

Skype Classroom allows you to join thousands of teachers inspiring the next generation of global citizens through transformative learning experiences.

Three ways to use Skype in the Classroom

Collaborate with other classes, no matter where they are Find guest speakers and invite them into your classroom Take a virtual field trip anywhere in the world

Get Started with Skype in [...]

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Wire is simple, beautiful conversations on your phone, tablet and desktop. Talk or message with friends, message with groups. Share pictures, links, SoundCloud music and YouTube videos. Wire works on iOS and OS X, it is inspired by and developed for the latest in hardware.

Wire is a conversation experience like no other.

Why Wire?

It’s beautiful. Visually rich, clean, [...]

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Brain Pump

Random educational videos. Learn something new.

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Community driven, free, opensource mind mapping online application with the aim to create the most productive mindmap software online. No registration, no marketing spam, just a very productive mindmapping canvas that helps you plan and collaborate better.

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Vidopop is the best way to collaborate and communicate in a group through mobile video. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Vidopop’s mission is to change how people connect and communicate through mobile video. We’re leading the industry in high quality mobile video technology, all without the need for expensive software or equipment. By combining our innovative technology [...]

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Simply the best showcase for your stories. Jux is sharing in HD. 100% delicious content. Zero crap.

Share words, photos and videos with unprecedented ease and impact. Fullscreen on every screen.

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Noodle Education

From the founders of the Princeton Review, Noodle Education helps you find the perfect educational opportunity. From k-12, to tutors, to graduate degrees, to weekend classes, Noodle connects people with each other and educational options.

Noodle is the first and only life-long education related search company in the world. John Katzman, the founder of The Princeton Review and 2U, [...]

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