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School Friendzy

School Friendzy integrates Project Based Learning and allows teachers to assign problems to be done in the classroom or at home, and students solve these problems individually or in groups.

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Support Page Explore the support resources Notebooks are an easy way to keep track of the tools and resources [...]

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Motion Math

Motion Math creates fun learning games for the toughest K-6 math concepts. Our first product, conceived at the Stanford School of Education, was shown in a published efficacy study (the first for an iPad educational app) to improve test scores 15% and math attitudes by 10%. Our 8 elementary games have been downloaded over 3 million times! We’re backed by a world-class group of angel [...]

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LearnBop is an easy-to-use online educational tool that combines formative assessment with automated tutoring and gives teachers specific, practical data to create an engaging and challenging learning experience for students performing below, at, or above grade level. Extensive use of graphics, visuals, hints and videos develops students’ conceptual understanding of mathematics and conveys [...]

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Imaginary Number’s Mathbreakers is a 3-D curriculum that includes arithmetic, powers, fractions, and logic in a high octane puzzle adventure. No floating worksheets — our math world is full of toys and powers to explore!

With multiplayer and our custom level editor, you can build your own challenges and team up with your friends.

Why do worksheets when you can [...]

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MathGames aims to combine the worlds of learning and play in a powerful new way, a way that will change the lives of millions of students around the world.

The games and apps are guided by the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and pay careful attention to regional curriculum all over the world. MathGames is here to help teachers, parents, and students marry learning and [...]

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Sokikom is an online program that uses positive reinforcement, social learning, and personalization to help solve these problems. It’s FREE to signup and teachers use it in 2 ways: to engage students and differentiate math instruction in the Common Core and to streamline classroom management. We’ve built and continue to improve Sokikom significantly-based on teacher & [...]

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Discovery Education

Discovery Education accelerates school districts’ digital transition through comprehensive standards-based content, professional development, formative assessment, and community engagement proven to positively impact student achievement.

Discovery Education transforms classrooms, empowers teachers and captivates students by leading the way in providing high quality, dynamic, [...]

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CueThink is a Boston EdTech startup company with a team of dynamic and passionate educators, developers and designers. We are funded by National Science Foundation’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant and Boston area Angel investors to develop a peer-to-peer platform to engage and enhance Math problem-solving skills of students in grades 4-8. Get This Tool

Product [...]
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KnowRe is an educational technology company developing an innovative online adaptive learning service for mathematics.

KnowRe assesses an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, personalizes a curriculum for each student’s focus areas and engages students through game-like features, attractive graphics and social learning.

KnowRe believes in the importance of a good education, [...]

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Mind4Learning is a developer of math and reading education apps targeted to address the most difficult education concepts in the typical grade school curriculum. Our products are all math-based, but we are adding a new reading literacy app at the end of 2014!

Mind4Learning aims to bring your child a happier, more satisfying learning experience, so they can enjoy learning division, [...]

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