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3rd Quote

3rd Quote was founded with a bold and visionary spirit: to create a revolutionary, easy, and fun school purchasing experience for schools and providers alike with the dream of success for all school stakeholders, especially the students. Conceived from working both sides of the desk – in schools and as a provider – 3rd Quote is an alternative to the current painstaking, time consuming [...]

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Ever wanted to make highlights while reading articles on the web? Ever wanted to share those highlights? Ever wanted to revisit articles you’ve already read?


There’s no easy way to do that. So we went ahead and built Liner. What is Liner, you ask?

Liner is a mobile web highlighter. With Liner you can:

Highlight news articles blog posts study [...]
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Imagine all your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. That’s Slack.

Create open channels for the projects, groups and topics that the whole team shares. Channels increase transparency by putting knowledge in everyone’s hands. Discoverability, complete history & search across all channels is built in.

Channels include messages, [...]

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Staying organized doesn’t mean relying on complex spreadsheets, clunky databases, or note-taking technology with no structure.

Transpose is a do-it-yourself solution that lets you build and customize how you collect your information. Teachers can create a note template to easily organize, structure, and search information they need on-hand. They can create lesson plans, reading [...]

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With SugarSync you can backup, access, sync and share all of your documents, photos, music and movies so that you can access them from your laptop, iPhone, iPad, Android or any other device. SugarSync works the way you work by matching your existing folder structure enabling you to access all of your folders without having to copy or move your folders.

SugarSync recently unveiled [...]

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We are committed to improving planning, communication, and collaboration between students, teachers, and parents. We offer calendar synchronization software to help teacher plan more effectively, while offering easy access to lesson plans and content to students and parents.

Get This ToolSign UpTweetsAdd to Notebook Product Website Learn more about this tool Get Started with [...]
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The business world runs on Microsoft Office, the design industry runs on Adobe Creative Suite, teachers currently do not have anything similar for their day to day tasks. Teachers are either using pen & paper or siloed software that don’t integrate with anything else. is the Google Apps for teachers; provides a suite of tools for K-12 teachers that are [...]

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ImmediaEdU is the division of Immedia Audio Visual Solutions dedicated to the K-12 marketplace. We believe in delivering expertise through specialization, predicated on the understanding that each market is different. We have structured our Company to present dedicated vertical market client-facing teams from Commercial, Education and Residential client needs, all serviced by shared [...]

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Kids Email’s service can make it easier to allow your children to learn about technology while still being safe. With a safe and easy to use email interface, your children will be able to keep in contact with parents and grandparents. With our parental controls, spam filtering, copying parents on incoming/outgoing mail, and other useful features, you can decide how much control to [...]

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Conceptboard is a flexible online workspace that simplifies team collaboration and helps you evolve your ideas into finished products. It is an easy to use web application that centralizes discussions, file sharing, tasks, notes, group chat, and video conferences around your visual content to help your team collaborate better.

What can Conceptboard help you do?

1. Reduce [...]

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