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Imagine all your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go. That’s Slack.

Create open channels for the projects, groups and topics that the whole team shares. Channels increase transparency by putting knowledge in everyone’s hands. Discoverability, complete history & search across all channels is built in.

Channels include messages, [...]

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We are committed to improving planning, communication, and collaboration between students, teachers, and parents. We offer calendar synchronization software to help teacher plan more effectively, while offering easy access to lesson plans and content to students and parents.

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Flow helps teams manage tasks, have discussions, share files, and capture ideas, all without the need for burdensome software or excessive emails. Collaborate in shared workspaces from your home, the office, or on the go—no syncing required.

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Pyrus has created a web service and mobile apps to help people work smarter. Our cloud internet service helps enterprises large and small eliminate the endless email that distracts employees from real work by structuring communication around tasks and processes.

Pyrus structures communication around tasks — all the while maintaining a single inbox and the simple fluidity of an [...]

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Founded in 2008, Projecturf’s mission is to build the best project management app on the market by creatively merging form and function. People use Projecturf to manage projects, people, and tasks; create and assign tasks, share files, collaborate with others, track time and budgets, calendar events, manage tickets, and get things done.

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Podio, now part of Citrix Systems, is an online work platform with a new take on how everyday work gets done. Podio gives people more power than ever before to manage their work in their own way and is trusted by thousands of teams, companies and organizations worldwide. Podio users create workspaces to collaborate with specific groups of people, use an Employee Network for company-wide [...]
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Huddle is the most comprehensive tool for managing projects and files in the cloud. With Huddle you can create multiple client extranets, brand assets storage, secure collaboration platforms or research knowledge bases.

You will find all communication and collaboration tools in one place: file sharing, document management, project management, whiteboards and discussions, phone [...]

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Still jumping between multiple emails, folders and storage services? Mammoth helps you research, organize content & finish projects, collaboratively. Be more productive, better organized, and get more stuff done, together.

Mammoth gives you collaborative boards without limits. Unlimited projects, contributors and files – great for working together on a team project or to [...]

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Wunderlist is the only way to organize your life and business. It’s always with you on the phone in your pocket, at work on your computer and at home on your tablet.

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