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A FREE platform for creating formative assessments + acting on real-time student insights! Transform your content in seconds and go paperless. Create incredible online assessments, classwork or homework.

Any Grade. Any Subject. Any Device.

Formative runs on any internet connected device and is optimized for any 1:1, BYOD, flipped or blended classroom.

Get This [...]
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Cognii develops leading edge assessment technology to evaluate essay-type answers for online learning platforms. Cognii’s exclusive natural language processing technology can also give customized feedback, not just a score, to engage students in an active learning process and improving their knowledge retention. Cognii is offered through an API for all online learning platforms, [...]

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Mindprint Learning

Like a fingerprint, each mind is unique. Mindprint is an educational company committed to helping parents and teachers better understand how an individual child learns so they can be given the optimal tools to succeed. We evaluate 10 essential cognitive learning skills to understand a child’s strengths and where they might need extra support. Our team of child psychologists, learning [...]

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Learningpod is building the largest collection of questions for learning in the world. We make it easy for anyone to publish or practice questions on any subject or exam.

Here’s How Learningpod Can Help You:

Educators – Find and assign targeted practice sets (“pods”) and track your students’ progress. Students – Study for quizzes or tests by practicing [...]

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Gradeable is a set of tools enabling teachers to give better feedback and supercharge student learning.

Get This ToolSupport ResourcesTweetsAdd to Notebook Product Website Learn more about this tool Support Page Explore the support resources Tweets by @gradeable Notebooks are an easy way to keep track of the tools and resources that matter most to [...]
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Copia is a socially-driven digital content platform that is helping educators, publishers and students unlock the power of digital and non-digital educational material through the use of an integrated platform that unifies people and content. Copia’s unique platform reinvents and expands the e-book experience and enriches previously static content, making information available across [...]
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Edulastic is an interactive and customizable assessment solution that enables teachers to gauge student mastery of Common Core-aligned standards.

Edulastic empower educators to create new learning spaces for their students—while also providing them with actionable strategies for meeting Common Core State Standard (CCSS) implementation challenges that lie ahead. We provide [...]

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Naiku is a next generation learning and assessment platform for teachers and students. Naiku, which means “teacher” in Lao, was founded with the mission to positively impact education by aiding teachers to help students achieve their fullest learning potential.

The intuitive, digital platform is a comprehensive classroom assessment solution that allows teachers to easily measure, [...]

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Empowering teachers to easily create digital portfolios that encourage personalized student learning and engage with parents.

We believe the best way to determine how and what a student is learning, is through meaningful assessment. What teachers currently know about their classroom is first received in a combination of intuition and impressions. Then they have to factor in a myriad [...]

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Odysseyware is a leading provider of online curriculum and eLearning solutions for charter, public, and virtual schools across the United States. With more than thirty years of experience, Odysseyware provides innovative, 21st century learning opportunities for today’s tech-savvy learners. The company offers a multimedia-enriched curriculum for grades 3-12.

Odysseyware’s curriculum [...]

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