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FlipgridTM is simple.

Create grids of questions or topics using text or video and share your questions with whomever you like. Your audience then responds with recorded videos. Flipgrid boosts community and collaboration in classrooms, corporations, and at conferences around the world.

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Riffiti is a short-form mobile video platform for social learning. It is a place for real people to communicate “face-to-face” and explain to each other a variety of ideas and concepts. On Riffiti, you will see a series of questions, and for each, a stream of multiple perspectives that keeps accumulating. This is similar to a class discussion or college seminar, except that the [...]

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Moovly is a cloud based digital media and content creation platform. The company was founded in 2013 but the idea to democratize animated videos originated earlier within Instruxion, a company specialized in custom high-impact digital content.

Using Moovly users can create video presentations, interactive infographics, company and product promotion videos and other similar [...]

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GoAnimate for Schools

GoAnimate enables people to produce a wide range of custom animated videos – from scratch – in the cloud – using drag-and-drop tools.

Businesses, educators and consumers recognize the power of video, but find it difficult, time-consuming and expensive to produce high-quality content. GoAnimate is the quickest, simplest, and most cost-effective solution for producing and publishing [...]

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Soundtrap for Schools is a revolutionary new, user-friendly platform for music making that disrupts how music is taught and learnt in schools across the world.

We now live in a world where services like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Dropbox and Google Docs are taken for granted and these services are tightly integrated in our daily world of activities. Our expectations [...]

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Media collaboration made easy.

Slope is a platform for marketers and creatives to store, organize, and collaborate on media content.

We are a team of marketers, creatives, and technology professionals that is fed up with the current solutions for managing and collaborating on media projects. It’s our mission to improve the way marketers and creatives work together. We [...]

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Edthena brings observation and feedback online using recorded videos and specialized commenting tools. With our tools, a teacher can upload video of classroom instruction, share to coaches or colleagues, and the poeple on the other end can provide feedback at specific moments in time.

Our vision is to connect teachers to coaching anytime, anywhere.

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KidKam is a community of teachers and pediatricians that empowers parents and educators to regain control over how their kids watch videos online.

KidKam is recommended to educators and parents who want screened quality videos for their kids.

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Animoto makes it easy to create professional-quality videos on your computer and mobile device. At our core, we believe that video is the most powerful way to communicate what you care most deeply about—whether that’s your family, business, or a cause—and that making videos shouldn’t be limited to only those with technical know-how and expensive production equipment.

That’s why our [...]

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Wideo is an animated online video creation platform that allows you to create, edit, and share videos online for free. You can choose (or upload) images, backgrounds, and music that you want to use in order to create your own online video and then share it with the world. Get This Tool

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