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DisplayNote Technologies Ltd builds solutions that allows people to share connect and collaborate on their mobile devices.

DisplayNote is the inaugural product from DisplayNote Technologies. It helps presenters share and engage audiences effectively during a presentation. Audiences can capture slides, make notes and share their screens to the presenter and room display.

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Memofon converts text notes to mind maps.

Write down lecture notes and get a mind map to learn Make interactive presentations quickly Create todo lists from simple text Wiki markup support Color themes for mind maps Mobile friendly Get This Tool

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Carry, organize, edit, and access all of your documents in one place. Imagine the power to fill out and sign a contract in the palm or your hand. The freedom to review meeting notes, edit a business plan, or grade student papers from anywhere. Liberate yourself from piles of paper and store that information in Notability. Get This Tool

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Great for work. Great for school. Popplet is a platform for your ideas. Popplet’s super simple interface allows you to move at the speed of your thoughts. With Popplet you can capture your ideas, sort them visually, and collaborate with others in realtime. Quickly and easily! Get This Tool

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Have you ever been struggling to take notes while watching videos? Not anymore! VideoNotes is the easiest way to take notes from videos.

VideoNotes, developed by UniShared (, currently supports Youtube and Coursera videos and works best for the last versions of Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari.

It enables you to:

Watch videos and take notes at the same [...]
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Evernote apps and products make modern life manageable, by letting you easily collect and find everything that matters.

Our goal at Evernote is to help the world remember everything, communicate effectively and get things done. From saving thoughts and ideas to preserving experiences to working efficiently with others, Evernote’s collection of apps make it easy to stay organized and [...]

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Movenote is a video presentation tool in Google and Chrome apps that combines video with documents.

Documents can be uploaded from Google Drive, dropbox, box or your own files. Documents added can be directly from Google Drive, including Docs, Presentations and Spreadsheets. The final presentation videos can be shared directly through Gmail or your own mail that is linked into your [...]

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Wunderlist is the only way to organize your life and business. It’s always with you on the phone in your pocket, at work on your computer and at home on your tablet.

Get This ToolSupport ResourcesTweetsAdd to Notebook Product Website Learn more about this tool Support Page Explore the support resources Tweets by @Wunderlist Notebooks are an easy way to keep track of the [...]
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