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WHAT IS BUNKR? Business Reports Made Easy! (Presentations as a Service)

PROBLEM: Everyday, professionals create business reports with content and data coming from online platforms. They do screenshots and add them one by one into their presentation.

Laborious to do Frustrating to keep it updated Boring to present

SOLUTION: Bunkr is the standard presentation software that [...]

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Knovio® is an innovative tool for turning PowerPoint® slides into rich video presentations, simply and easily, on desktop and mobile devices. With Knovio, you can take static PowerPoint slides to a new level with video and audio presentations that can be accessed anytime on-demand and shared with others through email and social media. Knovio was developed by KnowledgeVision, the company [...]

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buncee® is your creation and presentation tool, simplified. It’s a fun and easy to use web-based tool that’s been helping students & educators across the world create and learn – both within and outside of the classroom.

Buncee enables you to easily bring together all kinds of content (buncee artwork, photos, videos, drawings, audio, and links) onto one digital canvas, [...]

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You Teach. They Create. Everyone Learns.

StoryboardThat brings the world’s best storyboard creator into your classroom! From first grade to graduation Storyboard That has engaging class activities for your classroom.

Communication is a critical part of most knowledge workers’ jobs. By creating a fun tool to improve how people communicate, we strive to do the world a [...]

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Classmill helps teachers and students with powerful yet simple online tools. Teaching online, made really simple.

Modern consumption patterns have changed. Classmill helps you create classes using modern content building blocks: Links, Youtube, Images, PDF’s, Soundcloud and Files.

Get This ToolSupport ResourcesTweetsAdd to Notebook Product Website Learn more about this [...]
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Slides enables anyone with a web browser to easily create, present and share beautiful presentations for free.

Get This ToolSupport ResourcesTweetsAdd to Notebook Product Website Learn more about this tool Support Page Explore the support resources Tweets by @SlidesApp Notebooks are an easy way to keep track of the tools and resources that matter [...]
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DisplayNote Technologies Ltd builds solutions that allows people to share connect and collaborate on their mobile devices.

DisplayNote is the inaugural product from DisplayNote Technologies. It helps presenters share and engage audiences effectively during a presentation. Audiences can capture slides, make notes and share their screens to the presenter and room display.

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SlideIdea is a presentation app that gives presenters the tools to interact in real-time with their audience; whether in small groups, packed auditoriums, or entire stadiums. Designed to accommodate mobile device users, SlideIdea helps the presenter engage listeners through the use of smart phones, laptops, or tablets.

Creating presentations is a breeze with SlideIdea’s powerful [...]

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SlideShare is the world’s largest community for sharing presentations. With 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million pageviews, it is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world. Besides presentations, SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, videos and webinars. Get This Tool

Product Website Support Page

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Read More is the fastest and easiest way to add video or audio to your document or presentation, so that who ever is viewing gets the whole story – as if you were in the room with them!

Show your slides Take your document, it can be a PowerPoint file, a PDF (which you can easily make from a Keynote file), a Google Docs file or a Prezi (with the Basic account only) and upload them [...]

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