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Totara LMS

Totara is designed to bring the benefits of open source learning management software to corporate enterprises.

The Totara company was formed by three partners: Catalyst IT, Kineo and Flexible Learning Network (now Kineo Pacific). We share a passion for delivering cost-effective solutions to corporate enterprises.The three partners together form a global alliance dedicated to [...]

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Free Learning Management System

A branded Training Platform for the exclusive use of your organization. Ability to upload your internal training documents, employee manuals, processes & procedures so your employees have one convenient location to access them.

Coggno is easy to use and customizable LMS for all your corporate and employee training needs.

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The Kornukopia Learning Management System (LMS) is designed by industry-leading education experts. Kornukopia works with superintendents, principals, technology administrators, teachers, students and parents to ensure the LMS platform provides amazing functionality.

Simplicity is key. While powerful functionality is a must, a cornerstone of The Kornukopia Learning Management System [...]

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TalentLMS is a super-easy, cloud LMS to train your employees, partners, customers or students.

It is fully customizable to your own needs, with simple and comprehensible analytics about everything that happens inside your elearning environment. It offers strong support for SCORM & TinCan (xAPI), notifications, course selling, video-conferencing, gamification, extensible user [...]

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Coach ( provides you with a toolbelt to set up your own online tutoring business: you get your own website, a public calendar and online payments – all in just 60 seconds. Our goal is to create the best possible product for tutors. And we believe having a set of strong values will help us deliver on that promise.

Once you’re set up, our marketing team will [...]

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Club VINCI is a fun online multiplayer learning platform for children. Our mission is to offer the most effective teaching tools and learning environment for young children ages 3 to 8 and their parents. Highly honored for the quality of its curriculum content, VINCI Education offers the most advanced early childhood education solution. VINCI is comprised of a complete curriculum, learning [...]

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Adrenna provides a dynamic enterprise learning platform, AdrennaLearn, unique in its ability to serve academic and non-academic organizations, including colleges, K-12 schools, corporate training departments, and any other type of organization that provides training. Additionally, Adrenna is among a very few, if any, LMS providers that offer both a platform and immersive eLearning content [...]

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TRAIN (Teachers Reporting Any Incidents and Needs) is a breakthrough, mobile tool for school-wide data collection, analysis, and communication. Teachers can enter behavioral reports in a matter of seconds. Urgent issues can also be addressed instantly wherever they occur in a school setting regardless of location, for situations that require immediate attention.

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Exambler is your online exam management platform that allows teachers and professors to easily create, grade, and report standardized paper exams in a flash. It’s quick, easy to use, and saves you a lot of time with your exams. Take back your weekend!

Get This ToolSupportTweetsAdd to Notebook Product Website Learn more about this tool Support Page Explore the support resources [...]
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Endless stacks of papers. Whiteboards filled, erased and filled again. Hours upon countless, tedious hours. This is the nightmare of creating master schedules. What if you could automate the process, save significant staff time, and achieve a high percentage, student-centered schedule?

Most schools have done little to advance their scheduling systems beyond taking old-school, manual [...]

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