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TRAIN (Teachers Reporting Any Incidents and Needs) is a breakthrough, mobile tool for school-wide data collection, analysis, and communication. Teachers can enter behavioral reports in a matter of seconds. Urgent issues can also be addressed instantly wherever they occur in a school setting regardless of location, for situations that require immediate attention.

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LiveSchool is a breakthrough app that helps teachers, administrators, and parents communicate and collaborate in real-time to improve school culture. Teachers and administrators use laptops and tablets to record and share information with each other throughout the day!

Our mission is to help schools work together to improve culture and create great environments for students to [...]

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Top Hat

Top Hat helps professors make every lecture count by transforming their students’ mobile devices into powerful classroom engagement tools.

Built upon the principles of active learning, the motivation behind Top Hat is the fact that students retain more by participating rather than simply observing a class or lecture.

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Classe365 is a cloud based Student Information System & School Management Solution that enables education institutions leverage our cloud technology.

Today, education institutions have varied needs to manage their entire organisation. Rather than managing every activity in silos, a unified approach to education management and student information system is a key requirement. This [...]

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Class Charts

Class Charts is an online seating plan and behavior manager that makes classroom management fun and easy.

Seating charts are an essential part of any good teacher’s tool kit. They help organize students into appropriate learning groups and minimize behavior issues – the class teacher asserts their authority before the lesson even begins.

We take seating charts a step further. [...]

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Gaggle is a safe, online teaching and learning platform for the REAL K-12 classroom. Providing secure cloud-based teaching and learning tools for over 14 years, Gaggle is continually adding popular features for communication and collaboration, all within a safe, filtered and controlled blended learning environment.

Gaggle also provides school districts with cloud archiving, an [...]

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School Loop

School Loop blends communications, learning and content management tools so everyone:

Knows where they stand and where they are going Understands what to do and how to succeed Can demonstrate what they know and are able to do Can get support Can help each other succeed Get This Tool

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LectureTools, Inc. provides instructors and students with a robust, pedagogically sound and easy-to-use active learning platform. We seek to improve the overall classroom learning experience by harnessing the laptops, cellphones, and tablets students are already bringing into the classroom. Our team is made up of educators, technologists, researchers, programmers, and designers; together [...]

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Flubaroo is a free tool that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments. More than just a grading tool, Flubaroo also:

Computes average assignment score. Computes average score per question, and flags low-scoring questions. Shows you a grade distribution graph. Gives you the option to email each student their grade, and an answer key. Lets you send [...]
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With Blendspace, teachers can easily create and deliver lessons that adapt to students needs through easily drag-and-dropping internet resources, built-in assessments and lesson tacking. These lessons can then be shared and updated throughout the school year.

Hundreds and thousands of teachers and students across the world are using Blendspace to: 1) flip their classroom, 2) [...]

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