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Adrenna provides a dynamic enterprise learning platform, AdrennaLearn, unique in its ability to serve academic and non-academic organizations, including colleges, K-12 schools, corporate training departments, and any other type of organization that provides training. Additionally, Adrenna is among a very few, if any, LMS providers that offer both a platform and immersive eLearning content [...]

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Adaptemy is an educational technology and services company based in Dublin, Ireland. Established in 2012, we have a vision of a world where every student in every classroom engages in personalized learning to reach their full potential.

Our mission is to provide learning companies and institutions with a proven personalized learning solution for today’s classrooms that [...]

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Planet Sherston

Award-winning Content Planet Sherston is jam-packed with 3000+ curriculum-mapped activities, videos and games for English, Maths and Science. They’re perfect for learners aged 3 to 11.

Save Money and Time Unlike similar services, in-school access to Planet Sherston doesn’t cost a penny. What’s more, all of our activities mark themselves – saving you [...]

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KnowRe is an educational technology company developing an innovative online adaptive learning service for mathematics.

KnowRe assesses an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, personalizes a curriculum for each student’s focus areas and engages students through game-like features, attractive graphics and social learning.

KnowRe believes in the importance of a good education, [...]

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Branching Minds

Branching Minds is a web-app for teachers and parents to quickly identify students’ cognitive and behavioral strengths, challenges and interests; find appropriate learning supports to overcome those challenges; and then monitor progress along the way.

Branching Minds give teachers the knowledge they need to help their students succeed. Get This Tool

Product [...]
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We’re focused on building powerful, practical, cost-effective solutions for personalized learning that deliver measurably superior results.

But what really excites us are the amazingly positive outcomes that adaptive learning experiences make possible for students. Lrnr enables students to learn more, faster and better, at their own pace and in their own individual way.

Lrnr [...]

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myOn, a Business Unit of Capstone, is a personalized literacy environment that engages students at all reading levels by providing the largest integrated library of digital books. The 7,000+ and growing enhanced digital books include reading supports and are recommended to students based on individual interests and reading level using The Lexile Framework for Reading.

With thousands of [...]

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DreamBox Learning

Every student can excel in math, no matter where they start, where they live, or who they are. And every teacher, principal, and parent wants the children in their care to realize this potential. Yet every child must be challenged, encouraged, and engaged in their own way.

At DreamBox Learning, we’ve developed the adaptive learning technology that can change the paradigm of [...]

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Smart Sparrow

Smart Sparrow is an edtech organization pioneering adaptive and personalized learning technology. It was founded by Dr Dror Ben Naim who led a research group in the field of Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Educational Data Mining at the University of New South Wales in Sydney resulting in the development of the Adaptive eLearning Platform. Get This Tool

Product Website Support [...]
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Knewton is an education technology company that personalizes digital courses so every student is engaged and no one slips through the cracks.

As students progress through a Knewton-powered course, Knewton figures out what each student knows and how that student learns best, then recommends what to study next. Teachers use Knewton-powered predictive analytics to detect gaps in [...]

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