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Exambler is your online exam management platform that allows teachers and professors to easily create, grade, and report standardized paper exams in a flash. It’s quick, easy to use, and saves you a lot of time with your exams. Take back your weekend!

Get This ToolSupportTweetsAdd to Notebook Product Website Learn more about this tool Support Page Explore the support resources [...]
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School Loop

School Loop blends communications, learning and content management tools so everyone:

Knows where they stand and where they are going Understands what to do and how to succeed Can demonstrate what they know and are able to do Can get support Can help each other succeed Get This Tool

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ClassroomIQ is a fast, online grading tool for teachers. We help teachers, schools, and districts transition from multiple choice to open response assessment by providing a platform that enables them to do normed, team-based grading.

ClassroomIQ is the worlds first open response grading platform that doesn’t require QR codes or pre-designed templates. All the existing [...]

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Flubaroo is a free tool that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments. More than just a grading tool, Flubaroo also:

Computes average assignment score. Computes average score per question, and flags low-scoring questions. Shows you a grade distribution graph. Gives you the option to email each student their grade, and an answer key. Lets you send [...]
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Built by a former teacher, Kickboard is a school analytics platform that enables educators to track whole student performance, including academic achievement and student behavior, and share critical data across classrooms. Using Kickboard, teachers collect, analyze and share mission-critical data, including multiple assessments, standards mastery, reading growth, 21st century skills, parent [...]
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JumpRope helps educators implement standards-based grading in every classroom through innovative assessment and feedback. We provide the web-based platform that great teachers and schools need to engage students with active pedagogy, purposeful planning, and authentic learning experiences. With the tools to make standards-based grading easy, teachers are freed to create, propel and [...]

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Illuminate Education

We provide one groundbreaking system for all your K-12 data needs. Your gradebook, assessment system, parent portal, attendance, data management, report cards, Special Education system, scheduling, grades, discipline, Medicaid billing, IEP writing, and moreā€¦ select single modules if you like, but one system really can do it all.

Product Website

Learn more at [...]

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EDU 2.0

EDU 2.0 is a beautiful, modern, easy-to-use cloud-hosted learning management system (LMS) that makes it simple to deliver online education.

Our e-learning platform has many features that would typically require several products to be purchased and integrated. EDU 2.0 is comprised of two companies: EDU 2.0 for School at and EDU 2.0 for Business [...]

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SchoolRack is a platform that allows teachers to create and manage their own classroom websites, built for students and parents. No technical knowledge needed.

SchoolRack provides a free service for K-12 teachers to create a classroom website and share information online with students and parents. By encouraging collaboration among our users, we provide a safe environment for [...]

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