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LiveSchool is a breakthrough app that helps teachers, administrators, and parents communicate and collaborate in real-time to improve school culture. Teachers and administrators use laptops and tablets to record and share information with each other throughout the day!

Our mission is to help schools work together to improve culture and create great environments for students to [...]

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Top Hat

Top Hat helps professors make every lecture count by transforming their students’ mobile devices into powerful classroom engagement tools.

Built upon the principles of active learning, the motivation behind Top Hat is the fact that students retain more by participating rather than simply observing a class or lecture.

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Classe365 is a cloud based Student Information System & School Management Solution that enables education institutions leverage our cloud technology.

Today, education institutions have varied needs to manage their entire organisation. Rather than managing every activity in silos, a unified approach to education management and student information system is a key requirement. This [...]

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Schoolzilla provides best-in-class tools that equip people who work in education with the data they need to make good decisions for students.

Schoolzilla is a cloud-based data management and visualization platform for education practitioners that turns operational and achievement data into actionable reports. Schoolzilla pulls in data from a range of sources and systems and builds [...]

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Starfish Retention Solutions

Starfish Retention Solutions is a leading provider of student success systems. Harnessing the power of the academic community, our software solutions engage, motivate and graduate more students.

Starfish Retention Solutions is a leading provider of student success systems. Harnessing the power of the academic community, our software solutions engage, motivate and graduate more [...]

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Uversity is an industry leading student engagement platform currently partnered with over 140 colleges and universities to improve enrollment and retention. Uversity helps colleges connect students with the people and information they need to have a transformative college experience through its two products, Schools App and Uchat. Over 3.9 million student connections have been made helping [...]

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Populi is affordable cloud-based software built with small colleges in mind.

Populi is web-based college management software. It covers academics, admissions, billing, people, reporting, and a lot more. Integrated email and calendar complete the picture. It’s hosted, so you don’t need to worry about IT. It’s secure, so your data stays safe. It runs on any computer, [...]

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Built by a former teacher, Kickboard is a school analytics platform that enables educators to track whole student performance, including academic achievement and student behavior, and share critical data across classrooms. Using Kickboard, teachers collect, analyze and share mission-critical data, including multiple assessments, standards mastery, reading growth, 21st century skills, parent [...]
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Silverback Learning Solutions

At Silverback Learning Solutions, we empower educators to improve K-12 education with better access to data, shared accountability, and a culture of collaboration for teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Our flagship product, Mileposts™, connects at the district and classroom level—a much more granular and relevant level than statewide data collection systems can provide. We [...]

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Illuminate Education

We provide one groundbreaking system for all your K-12 data needs. Your gradebook, assessment system, parent portal, attendance, data management, report cards, Special Education system, scheduling, grades, discipline, Medicaid billing, IEP writing, and more… select single modules if you like, but one system really can do it all.

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