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Declara is focused on transforming learning. The company, founded in 2012, builds a technology platform that uses machine learning, search, algorithms and recommendations to develop specific learning paths for individuals, making learning a constant discovery.

Today, learning does not only happen in schools or universities but continues for a lifetime. People in the global workforce, whether they are in public or private enterprise, need to continuously hone their skills and master the latest advances in a field. This requires a combination of formal learning — one that is taught at universities, schools and is often static — and informal learning — one that is learnt from human interaction and that is more dynamic.

This is where Declara comes in.

Instead of giving every person the identical learning path, the Declara platform surfaces the right content in the right context. Based on an individual’s interactions with informational data — blogs, web sites and documents — and social data — tweets, posts, colleagues, experts — the Declara platform creates a CognitiveGraph™ giving every individual their own personalized learning path. This platform is already being used to drive learning across a diverse group of organizations to accelerate innovation; increase efficiency and drive large-scale transformations.

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