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teacher documentation system to capture the essence of student development
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Simple, elegant and powerful iPad app
Teachers use a dedicated app tailored specifically for classroom workflow to efficiently capture classroom activities for internal documentation and secure sharing with families. Eliminate the tedious and time-consuming process of transferring files from digital cameras, combining them with hand-written notes then printing or sending via email. The Kaymbu system is cloud-based and fully automated, allowing teachers to spend more time focused on their students.
Streamlined portfolios & documentation
All media and documentation captured in the classroom is seamlessly synced with Kaymbu’s secure system in real-time. Teachers and administrators can access this rich content via the web or mobile devices, add contextual notes, and map to any assessment framework or accreditation criteria. Records can also be exported as a PDF with the click of a button for inclusion in child portfolios or other documentation sets.
No iPads? No problem.
Kaymbu is a turnkey solution that includes all software, web services and iPad devices for schools. Acquiring and managing hardware can be especially daunting for schools with limited budgets and technology resources. Our fully-managed service includes the ability to remotely monitor activity, update, lock or erase devices as required. The application also works flawlessly with any iPad your school already owns or purchases independently.

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