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Bridging the education to employment gap
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Unemployment is real for young graduates around the world – the very same world where companies are facing a shortage of qualified talent to fill necessary positions. This growing paradox, particularly pronounced in developing countries, is what we now know as the Education-to-Employment gap.

Knod is a revolutionary learning system that bridges this gap. Backed by an ecosystem of learners, educators, and employers, it develops skilled graduates who are ready for real careers in the real world. Even more, they will be empowered by an International Bachelor’s Degree that’s steeped in project-based, experiential learning at real companies. In this way, Knod also offers the higher education arena a new way forward in responding to the challenges of the 21st century society, while energizing the workforce with powerhouse talent.

The collective result of this work? Fulfilled and sustainable communities worldwide, achieved through the power of education that truly works.

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