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LearnBop is an easy-to-use online educational tool that combines formative assessment with automated tutoring and gives teachers specific, practical data to create an engaging and challenging learning experience for students performing below, at, or above grade level. Extensive use of graphics, visuals, hints and videos develops students’ conceptual understanding of mathematics and conveys the spirit and intent of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics.

Using thousands of interactive Bops (problems) created by a team of award‐winning math educators, LearnBop simultaneously assesses, diagnoses, and tracks students’ mastery of 5th through 9th grade algebra and algebra readiness concepts. Each Bop incorporates standards‐specific language, processes, and procedures that students and teachers need to know and use.

When a student needs help, LearnBop’s automated tutoring system breaks the problem down and guides them through a step-by-step process for finding the solution. Performance data reports enable the teacher to quickly identify prerequisite concepts that may be holding students back. Recommended interventions and resources that address identified knowledge gaps can be utilized by the teacher for small group or individual instruction.

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