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Moovly is a cloud based digital media and content creation platform. The company was founded in 2013 but the idea to democratize animated videos originated earlier within Instruxion, a company specialized in custom high-impact digital content.

Using Moovly users can create video presentations, interactive infographics, company and product promotion videos and other similar multimedia content. Using a combination of uploaded images, videos and sounds, as well as a pre-defined library of objects, users are able to assemble new content modules and publish them on a variety of internal or external platforms as well as download their content for other uses.

Moovly for Education

Use Moovly to take your lessons, tutorials or presentations to the next level and increase student creativity and involvement. Combine visuals, sounds, voice and video in clear explanations or engaging stories. Have your students prove their multimedia skills and apply these to any educational topic.Moovly is browser-based and does not require any software installation. It is as easy as using Powerpoint, so no graphical or specialist multimedia skills required!

Creating and elaborating multimedia content encourages student creativity and involvement. It also improves their media literacy, digital communication and collaboration skills. The video creation process requires critical thinking, subject matter research and analysis as well as text writing skills. At the same time, students need to think about design, graphical composition, voice and sound. Finally, they’ll need to synchronize everything well to achieve an attractive animated end result. Just like when presenting in front of the classroom, they have to keep in mind structure, pace, audience level and attention span.

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