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Planet Sherston
Cutting-edge games based learning which rewards, motivates and raises attainment
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Award-winning Content
Planet Sherston is jam-packed with 3000+ curriculum-mapped activities, videos and games for English, Maths and Science. They’re perfect for learners aged 3 to 11.

Save Money and Time
Unlike similar services, in-school access to Planet Sherston doesn’t cost a penny. What’s more, all of our activities mark themselves – saving you time.

Differentiated Task
Build tasks (think of them as just like lessons) from our activities and assign them to individuals, groups, whole classes or even the whole school.

Personalised Learning
Provide personalised tutoring to every one of your pupils with our Learn with Flobot Adaptive Learning engine.

Rewarding Learning
Planet Sherston transforms learning into a games-based experience that guides your pupils to achieving their goals. Through giving context to work and creating fun, Planet Sherston maximises pupils’ retention of learning and motivates them to continue doing their best – even when learning is tough!

Automatic Marking
Planet Sherston’s progress table provides comprehensive tracking and reporting that makes recognising pupils’ strengths and development areas a breeze. As pupils work through our activities, their scores are recorded and mapped directly to the National Curriculum.

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