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Everyone has to be a writer now; text is the primary medium of communication and if we’re bad at it, we really lose out. Getting our message exactly right means we can explain the value of our products to our customers, persuade our colleagues of our ideas and publish our thoughts on the web.

Writing is also something lots of us find really hard; putting ideas into written words and explaining those in a coherent way is a tricky job. So we turn to others for help: getting feedback is crucial for us to perfect what we’re trying to communicate.

But the tools we use to get feedback right now aren’t optimised for that process. None of them make the act of asking for feedback simple: finding the right person who is willing, available and capable of helping is hard.

And that’s the problem we’re trying to solve: Poetica wants to help you communicate better by making it really easy to ask for feedback, from the right people.

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