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Pyrus has created a web service and mobile apps to help people work smarter. Our cloud internet service helps enterprises large and small eliminate the endless email that distracts employees from real work by structuring communication around tasks and processes.

Pyrus structures communication around tasks — all the while maintaining a single inbox and the simple fluidity of an interface that anyone can understand and configure. Our platform is inspired by the simplicity and effectiveness of email, but with the added the structure, order and fluidity that task management requires.

Pyrus is shaped to how people actually behave. The software’s true power is that it lends itself to assigning tasks on the fly, as well as to more complex, multi-part business processes that involve several levels of corporate approval and security. However, no matter how simple or complex the task, it’s all based on the basic ways in which people actually communicate. Pyrus isn’t about gimmicks or tricks. It’s about helping our customers get things done.

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