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At Silverback Learning Solutions, we empower educators to improve K-12 education with better access to data, shared accountability, and a culture of collaboration for teachers, administrators, students, and parents. Our flagship product, Mileposts™, connects at the district and classroom level—a much more granular and relevant level than statewide data collection systems can provide. We collect data from all types of student information, assessment, and curriculum systems, and allow educators to share that complete picture of data in preparation for and at the point of instruction.

Mileposts provides easy-to-build individualized learning plans with built-in accountability agreements so that teacher, student, parent, and administrator are all informed and accountable for student learning. Mileposts also provides full intervention management aligned with national Response to Intervention (RtI) guidelines. Our solution resides in the “cloud” as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, which means it can be deployed entirely over the internet to any school ready to begin improving student learning: small or large, city or rural, public or charter or private. Mileposts’ affordability and accessibility make it especially attractive to small-to-medium districts and low-income urban and rural districts. Its ability to identify and remediate at-risk students has also proven it very effective in districts with large percentages of English Language Learners and Limited English Proficiency (ELL/LEP.) After a very successful pilot phase, our solution is now available nationwide.

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Learn more at www.silverbacklearning.com

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