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Make Music Online Together - Revolutionizing Music Edtech!
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Soundtrap for Schools is a revolutionary new, user-friendly platform for music making that disrupts how music is taught and learnt in schools across the world.

We now live in a world where services like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Dropbox and Google Docs are taken for granted and these services are tightly integrated in our daily world of activities. Our expectations are that “if I would make music, the tool must be as easy to use as Instagram, social like Facebook, collaborative and productive like Google Docs and cloud-based like DropBox”. This is what Soundtrap provides to music making!

Soundtrap is a music-recording tool, which is:

  • Easy-to-use; students who may never have made music before are helped by the well thought through user interface
  • Collaborative; students collaborate via video calls from remote locations. Teachers can create group assignments and coach and help their students from where ever they are.
  • Online directly in your browser; you are are not restricted to specific hardware or software. Just open up a Chrome browser, and off you go!
  • Mobile and platform independent; students can work on their music from where ever they are, using different devices. Start a new song on an Android device, invite friends that might be using Mac, Chromebook, Windows or iOS devices. Make music together!
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