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Free collaborative learning apps for teachers with 1:1 devices
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We are a leading classroom learning platform which encourages active learning and collaborative atmosphere for school, teachers and students.

Spiral has been widely used in school in United Kingdom and USA. We help students to be more engaging in teachers’ class and school.

Spiral is a set of collaborative apps that can be used in any internet connected device including computers, mobile or tablets. All you need is you and your students’ mobile/tablets as well as a projector. You can use them on your Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer. We are launching the IOS and Android version in the Autumn of 2015. Each of the Spiral app is designed to mirror a specific classroom activity and is suitable for all subjects and students from all age range. Spiral is absolutely user friendly. You will find yourself have a greater control to your class after using Spiral.

We encourage active learning and collaboration during the lesson. It allows the students to share their ideas in the class. The system will also allow you to monitor the learning process of students. You can enjoy the most effective teaching experience.

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