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SurveyRock is currently in use in almost 200 countries throughout the world. We have designed our product so you can use any language you want in order for your customers to feel welcome. We currently have surveys running in Arabic, Turkish, Macedonian, Thai, Vietnamese, Filipino, Serbian, Spanish, Japanese, Bulgarian, Bosnian, Indonesian, Georgian, Mongolian, Albanian and Slovakian, among others. Enter your survey in your language.

Question Types

At the heart of any survey are the questions. We offer you every type of question that you’ll need to get the answers you’re looking for: multiple choice, text, numbers only, matrix and rating scale. You can also decide if you want each question to be mandatory or optional.

Survey Logic

Survey logic is what you need if you want your survey respondents to go to a different page and/or question based on the answers to a question. For example, let’s say you’ve written a survey for cat owners. The first question of your survey should then be a multiple choice (Yes / No) question like “Do you have a cat?”. If the respondent answers “No”, you can send them to the last page of the survey and thank them for their time. If they answer “Yes”, however, then they can continue the survey on the next page. SurveyRock has something called PagePath and QuestionPath to help you with just such a scenario.


After you’ve created your survey, it’s time to unleash it on the world (or at least a few of your friends). A couple of clicks it all it takes to create a unique web link that you can then send to your clients or customers by email, post it on Facebook or tweet it to all of your Twitter followers. You also have the option to add a start and end date to your survey and to limit the number of people who can respond.

Real-time Reporting

When people start filling out your new survey, you don’t want to have to wait tomorrow or even an hour to start reviewing the results. The results you see on the reporting page are current as of NOW.

Individual Results

Sometimes just looking at an overview of your survey results is not enough. If you want to see the specific answers of each respondent, we’ve got you covered. With both the Basic and Premium plans, you can view the individual responses on-screen or export (Premium only) the results to an Excel or CSV spreadsheet.

Share Survey Results

Occasionally it’s helpful to let other people see the progress of your survey. This feature gives you a unique link in order to share the survey results with whomever you’d like. It can be turned on or off at any time.

Filter Responses

Analyzing your survey responses for trends can take a lot of time. It can help to break down the answers into groups. That is what filters are for and you have several to choose from. For example, you can only look at those responses where a specific answer was chosen or those where people started the survey, but didn’t finish or where they took the survey after a certain date. You can combine as many filters as you want at the same time to drill down to specifc results.

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