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Save webpages, images, files, and notes to collections you create with Zimilate, the best curation tool on the web. Zimilate’s Webpage Clipper lets you save complete, pixel perfect copies of webpages from your browser. Only Zimilate saves the entire webpage to our secure cloud, including every image and asset, so it will be there when you need it even if the original page changes or disappears. You can even email links from your mobile devices and we’ll save the entire web page for you. Zimilate creates a thumbnail of each saved webpage, and our beautiful design makes it fast and easy to locate content visually. You can also search the full text of any content you save.

Unlike other curation tools, Zimilate lets you organize what you save your way: hierarchically, with tags, or both. As soon as you add content, Zimilate lets you browse other similar, relevant collections from other users. Instead of bookmarking or following those collections, you can add them to your own and seamlessly browse and search the combined contents. Create your free Zimilate account today to replace bookmarks, cutting and pasting from websites, and emailing things to yourself.

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Learn more at www.zimilate.com

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